J.D. Buffington lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife and daughter and their two cats and two dogs. J.D. plays video games when he can and loves RuPaul’s Drag Race. He’s a Virgo and lactose intolerant. His favorite thing ever is Star Wars, followed closely by Frank Herbert’s Dune. He writes horror and a bit of science fiction. The thing he wants most, though, is to entertain you with the thoughts that keep him up at night. Turning nightmares into stories is his passion. Or maybe Star Wars is…either way, if it’s pushing imagination, he’s waiting at the deadline.


The More Things Change…

When I turned 41, it came with a milestone I never really considered, that I would grow older than you ever did. What does that even mean? I’m not instantly more mature or wiser. I’ve not been granted a boon to my fortitude. Every year, though, I’ve felt a little closer the further I get from you. I learn new things that paint a broader picture, both horrifying and illuminating.

2019 Gaming Review

This year I tried to focus on games with a historical theme or setting, while of course playing some new odds and ends. I continued my backslide of not being exactly social, opting for single player games rather than playing online, save games like Mario Maker and Tetris 99 (not listed, but I have been …

An Announcement

In December of 2017 I signed a contract to publish and sell my book, In the House of In Between. Today, I terminated that contract. No animosity, no argument, no swindling, nothing inherently negative. The book didn’t take off, the publisher is going through some changes, and I had the option to retain my rights, …



  • The Light Across the Street
  • The Shadow on Pitch

    • The NoSleep Podcast, Suddenly Shocking Vol. 9 (Season Pass Bonus Episode)(2018)

    Warning Cry

    In the House of In Between


    Self-Published (2013-2016)

    • Eating Crow
    • Even if as Ghosts
    • The House With No Doors
    • PUNCH/PANTS: A Collection of Words
    • Red Clouds
    • She Speaks To Me
    • Stumble

    Dark Hands

    • Mausoleum: Mortis es Veritus (1998)


    • The Ultimate Unknown (1998)


    • Abunái (1997)


    • The Ultimate Unknown (1997)